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5:25pm 07-15-2021
i love your site a lot..!! it's so nice and cozy... i really like your yellow page!! and all the yellow stuff everywhere, and your dog page is really nice too, i like seeing people talk about stuff they like! and your guestbook is really cute too!! thank you for making such a nice cozy place!
10:25am 07-09-2021
That "tongue sticking out" emoji was supposed to just be a colon and the letter 'p',,,
the guestbook has foiled my casual text emoji plans. Sorry if that seemed rude
10:23am 07-09-2021
Wanted to check out your site cause I love to see what other people who have froggy names do with their sites
Such good vibes!! The flower garden is such a cool idea and the yellow page was so nice! I'm autistic too and getting excited when I see my fave color (green) is the reason I love drinking matcha so much ehehe
keep it up!
8:47am 07-06-2021
the bringer
very epic. also warm.
7:32pm 05-12-2021
Wonderful website! So adorable and very pleasant to browse through. I love your photos as well.
2:36am 04-19-2021
Love you my sheepy friend ^__^ Hoping to find a toad when I see you next.
3:06pm 04-10-2021
You have an ADORABLE page, it’s so calming with all the Ghibli, frog, and nature aesthetics. I’m autistic too, it’s so interesting to see how many of us are here on neocities. Come say hi
12:01pm 02-25-2021
hey ilysm happy 7k views
7:53pm 02-08-2021
i love your site color scheme! it all looks very pleasing to the eye, and i appreciate the organization of the music, as well as all of the frogs sprinkled in there. very soothing.
7:51pm 02-01-2021
good luck with going back to school <3 <3 <3 if you have any tips for living on campus please e-mail me...!!
6:31am 01-11-2021
Love the little frogs you have on your website! Like a ray of sunshine
4:19am 01-11-2021
really nice website!! i love the photos you have up, you can really see how much you care for your subjects...
11:07pm 01-05-2021
The sunniest of sunshines is you, my dear sheep in a frog's hood. Watching your website bloom is an absolute treat! I hope you can find both solace and excitement through embracing the internet this way, you have so much to offer and I cannot wait to see more
7:56pm 01-05-2021
Nice page, I like the photography and the flower box page made me laugh
12:16pm 01-04-2021
your site is so cute!!!! i love the cozy feeling you've created. if i could have a picnic in your website, i'd be so happy
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